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Actually, my name is Khoubaib, and it’s the Arabic name of a Sahabi. Many of my friends find it hard to say, so they use Khoubai.

It’s tough to choose because each country has its special beauty:

– Iceland is breathtakingly beautiful.

– Pakistan has mountains and friendly people.

– The Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Zanzibar are perfect for island lovers and simple life.

 It wasn’t expensive when I started. I used apps for free stays, and bought cheap tickets, especially in Europe, where some airlines offer lower fares. You can find more details in a separate article on my blog.

Iceland, despite its beauty, was the toughest. I wasn’t ready for the freezing weather, and I didn’t have the right clothes. My body felt numb all the time.

I’ve always had a deep passion for exploring different cultures and sharing stories. The desire to inspire others and break down cultural barriers led me to combine my love for travel with content creation.

It’s a mix of personal interests, cultural curiosity, and recommendations from my diverse network of friends and followers. I aim to explore places that offer unique stories and experiences.

A: Just reach out via the contact page on my website. Share all the details of your offer, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You have two options: 

– Join me in travels (stay tuned for our upcoming website).

– Contribute to the blog by writing about Algeria—travel, food, heritage. Check the Join Me page for more information.

– Starting series show in adventures.

– launching a Blogging project for young talents to promote tourism and artistic industries around the world.

– launching the e-commerce of splendid views in Algeria in particular and other objects with the Brand Khoubaib.

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