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Who is Khoubai

Hello, I'm Khoubaib Kouas, an Algerian Content Creator, Adventurer, and proud Award Winner. My travel journey is more than just visiting places; it's a heartfelt exploration, covering 50 countries across four continents.

I'm not just a traveller; I'm an artist who uses photos, editing, and words to share stories. I'm also someone who enjoys making new friends. Over the years, these connections have opened doors to wonderful opportunities, adding a unique and heartwarming touch to my journey.

My goal is simple – to inspire and break down cultural barriers through travel content. 🚀 My journey is proof that there's magic in exploring the world around us.

Beyond Travel

Over time, my focus shifted from photography and video editing to telling stories about my travels. The goal was to simplify travel concepts and share tips, the response has been amazing! This evolution marked the beginning of my journey on social media platforms, where my accounts gained popularity. I believe in the power of travel to discover new stories, reflected in my concise YouTube videos – over 65 and counting! 

With more than 10 million followers, mostly Arabic-speaking, I feel a responsibility to do something bigger. A bilingual project in French and English is in progress for an even wider reach and other projects are coming.


Inspiring and connecting people through the transformative power of travel, breaking down cultural barriers, and showing the beauty of diversity; occupying Young people with useful adventures for a healthy mind in a healthy body.


Create a global community of explorers who share a passion for discovery, fostering understanding, and appreciation for the world's rich tapestry.



Content Creation

Engaging narratives, captivating photography, and expertly crafted videos.


Promotional Placements

showcase your brand to a global audience.


Brand Ambassadorship

Represent your brand with authenticity and enthusiasm.


Traveling Blogs

Promoting Algeria and intra-Arab tourism.

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